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This was a full day project hired for the listing agents on this property. It includes standard images, aerials, and twilight photography. The home itself was large, and had a large plot of land that included a custom, multi-level ADU. The drone usage in this project highlights how aerial photos can be used to gain a better perspective for exterior images with large yards, or properties with a long facade. Aerial/Drone images are a great way to get just 10-15 ft off the ground to achieve a better composition. It's also a great way to shoot the front exterior of a location that is on a hill or elevation above the street.


Images were created by using various techniques. For example, multi layer masking and blending; all done by hand. Multiple lighting techniques were also used to balance the scenes as well as balance different color sources within a realistic spectrum.


Photographed over the entire length of time just after sunset. Earlier shots provide a more balanced and ambient look, while photos taken in the later portion create a more dramatic and "lit up" feel.


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